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Seth Godin - Teaching, Generosity, and Significance

Episode Summary

“Persistence is always generous.” Honesty, integrity, and enthusiasm are skills. “I won the parent lottery.” Curiosity is steeped in Why, not in What. Useful incompetence is a vital part of learning. “Where is the community orchestra in your life?” “There’s no such thing as closing thoughts.” A great definition for creativity. In his now trademark style, bestselling author, Marketing Hall of Fame inductee, entrepreneur, blogger, husband, dad, teacher, and learner Seth Godin addresses these ideas, and more, and nudges us toward adopting a different perspective about making a difference in the world. As an ardent supporter of teachers, Seth’s generosity shines through in this conversation. His latest book, Song of Significance, will shed even more light on the value of community and on taking initiative to do work that matters. You may find yourself listening twice, jotting down some notes, or sharing a listening link with others.

Episode Notes

2:50 – words (including jackalope) and an older book

4:30 – everyone “owns their own channel” now

4:50 – you don’t have to wait for permission

5:30 – teaching experience

5:45 – difference between learning and education

5:55 – connection between autodidacticism and conditions for learning

6:10 – a good day is when…

6:40 – Mr. Jon Guillaume decided to change my life

7:00 – not an accident that the arc of one’s life can be redefined because of a teacher

7:40 – helping others become who they want to be is a calling

8:40 – why the first U.S. teachers’ college was called the Normal School

9:00 – teaching to the test correlates with restrictions

9:20 – options, decisions, and choices are still available

9:40 – little things, repeated - with a goal - add up to big things

10:05 – persistence is always generous

10:20 – Beth Rudd, a great teacher with tremendous impact

11:15 – teachers are not given nearly enough recognition

12:20 – respect for public school educators

12:40 – learning creates positive tension

13:20 – useful incompetence is a tool for learning

15:00 – word choices are a symptom of how our brains work

15:35 – Will this be on the test?

15:45 – curiosity is the Why, not the What

18:00 – Song of Significance

18:15 – dignity and respect

18:45 – spectator or participant?

19:05 – questions to ask that lead to improvement

19:45 – redefining creative work

20:45 – the standard solution is not the creative one

21:40 – The Art of Possibility

22:10 – when I turn 84…

22:45 – Where is the community orchestra in your life?

23:00 – What supports your achievements?

23:35 – generosity is not synonymous with free

24:30 – raising the quality and making a difference are generous behaviors

25:00 – there are many kinds of learning

25:25 – sharing one’s thinking about what is being noticed

26:15 – writing for one’s readers and for those with whom those readers will share the writing

27:15 – attitude is a skill

28:15 – the real skills of honesty, integrity, enthusiasm, loyalty

29:05 – The Carbon Almanac and Michel Porro

29:40 – owning a camera, taking a photo, and properly using pictures with intent

30:20 – Alt text

31:30 – Seth’s mom

32:30 – generosity plus initiative equals possibility

33:00 – Sotheby’s event – imperfect but amazing

35:00 – learning from others while working together

35:35 – no such thing as closing thoughts

35:45 – the best way to pay it forward

37:25 – end

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